Since May 2016

Susan Young


Zumba is a Latin based dance fitness program fusing international and national rhythms. Beto Perez, the creator of this world wide phenomenon started with the music and rhythms that best represented his Colombian heritage, then expanded upon that base offering the sounds from hundreds of world renowned artists. Stepping into a Zumba class is like taking a short trip "around the world!" It's an escape, a get away from life's stresses, a place to be free, have fun and bathe in the musical rhythms. There is never a need to have dance experience to join in on a Zumba class. The easy to follow core steps were developed for everyone to enjoy and participants can adjust the workout intensity, making it just right for individual comfort levels. While we're having fun we seem to forget the "fitness" part of the class. First it's getting us moving, working our muscles, increasing our heart rates, and maintaining our well being. If you think about it there's no reason to not try a Zumba class today......Come dancing.....where will the rhythm take you?